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Benefits of Upgrading Your Card 
  • Load cash with a Green Dot® MoneyPak ® or at any MoneyGram® or Western Union® reload location**
  • Find reload locations using the Money Network ® Location Finder
  • Add money to your Account by setting up direct deposit with other employers
  • Get tax refunds and other government benefits loaded to your Account
  • Sign up for a Secondary Card for a family member
  • Take your Card with you if you change jobs
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After upgrading your ADP TotalPay Card, load cash to your Card Account using Green Dot MoneyPak and receive a credit for the MoneyPak fee***.

Here’s how it works:
  • Upgrade your ADP TotalPay Card
  • Pick up a MoneyPak at a retailer, including:

  • Purchase the MoneyPak with cash — a service fee of up to $4.95 will be added to your purchase
  • Follow the instructions on your MoneyPak to load your Card Account
  • A one time credit of up to $4.95 will be issued to your Card Account within 14 business days
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The Money Network website has all the information you need about the features and benefits of your Account.
Log in to to review account activity, sign up for balance notification alerts by text or email, and more.

*The ADP TotalPay Card is part of your ADP TotalPay Card and Money Network Account. Additional identity information required by the USA PATRIOT Act will be obtained and maintained to verify your identity. See Fee Schedule and Transaction Limit Schedule for additional applicable fees and limits.
** Reload fees and limits for this option may vary by reload provider.
***Green Dot will refund the MoneyPak fee (up to $4.95) onto your Card Account within fourteen (14) business days of the date of your reload. Eligible only to Money Network cardholders who have never reloaded with MoneyPak. In order to be eligible to conduct an outside reload, your ADP TotalPay Card and Money Network Account must be upgraded. One credit per Card. MoneyPak funds must be applied to your card by October 1, 2012.